Students at Morse Pond School



In 2002 an anonymous donor provided funding for sixth graders at Morse Pond School to create sculpture for their school courtyard. I was asked to be the artist-in-charge.

12 students were selected by their art teachers to be on the sculpture team. They brimmed with talent and enthusiasm! We met at the school to decide on the theme for the courtyard (a Zoo), then moved to the barn to start designing.

The collection of junk in the barn

I told the artist-students that they could design whatever they wanted and that my friend Shelly Farrar and I would weld their pieces together for them.

The kids worked hard perusing the piles of metal I had accumulated over the years, as they looked for just the right pieces for their animals. They brought some of their own found objects as well. One of the boys volunteered everything in his grandfather’s barn. I never did find out what the granddad’s reaction was when he heard that!

I have always found it awe-inspiring to witness how easily children can create when given the materials. These kids were remarkable.

Bob is helping one of the girls figure out how her snake is
going to be eating this man’s leg!

Painting the sculpture

Finally, the project was completed. The opening ceremony and presentation to the school was in May 2003.

A Falmouth reporter interviewing several of the girls

The brother of one of the students takes a ride
while his dad looks on


Dog with bone. The bone is real;
the student found it in my yard


Congratulating one of the boys for a really good job

Shelly and I stand in front of the Tree and the Dinosaur. The tree branches are made from exhaust pipes, which are a dime a dozen. But I had to go to the dump several times to find just the right tree trunk. One day it was sitting there waiting for me.

The idea for the Dinosaur started when several kids spotted a scaffolding jack lying around. We added railroad spikes for teeth and its head was ready to go!

We pose for the camera at the celebration


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