Many pieces of my early collection of animal sculptures were displayed at the Franklin Park Children’s Zoo in Boston and at the Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut in 2001 and 2002. The Beardsley, Josiah, who founded this Connecticut zoo was an ancient relative of Bob’s. He must have liked animals too...see & read more.

The Zoo

I have helped curate two Found Art shows in Woods Hole in the last several years. The exhibit was open to everyone who made art from "found" objects, either man-made or natural. Each artist defined Found Art in his or her own way, and the show being non-juried gave folks room to experiment...see & read more.

Found Art Shows

After the Falmouth dump was reconfigured to become a Landfill (much higher class to call it that, don’t you think?), the powers there freed up a large space for Found Artists to display art. It seems so appropriate to bring back finished pieces to display, having collected hundreds of pounds of raw materials from there to begin with...see & read more.

Falmouth Landfill


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