After the Falmouth dump was reconfigured to become a Landfill (much higher class to call it that, don’t you think?), the powers there freed up a large space for Found Artists to display art. It seems so appropriate to bring back finished pieces for display, since many of the hundreds of pounds of the raw material came from the dump to begin with.  The public witness first-hand the value of recycling.

Octopus climbing from his hiding place

With brooms for hands, heavy gauge electric cord for hair, a bicycle seat for a head, what more could this crazy lady need than a telephone to talk to her friends with??

FishHawk catches a fish.

Frank Klimm , Chief Dump Operator for many years, asked me to create a seagull to watch over his domain, and so I did. The live gulls out there like it too. This sculpture is almost entirely windsurf board. His beak is a windsurfer skeg.


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