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Cypress Surprise

Base 27" x 27"; cabinet 24" x 9"; height 85”

Closed from view by unusable cypress, this cabinet holds a few surprises inside. The lamp highlights the stained glass door panel; if you look closely you can see a mail slot perfect for mailing your bills (except they’ll never get cashed by the electric company). Then the surprise will be on you.



Heads or Tails

Cabinet is 13" x 18", 73” high

Looking for my cat! The head of the clock in the cabinet is from a thermometer but seems to tell time anyway.



My Favorite Books

18" x 18" base, height 65”

Cheery cherry cabinet with a recycled metal base of plow blades and caterpillar tracks.



Four If By Sea

15" x 15" base, 66” base

Originally a home weather station, this find at the dump transformed into a jewelry cabinet. Recycled metal base is a bar stool.



Noah’s Tree House

74” high, 14” square base

Refurbished carpenter’s tool box becomes a cabinet for trinkets and tree house for Noah’s friends. The damaged front panel of the box was replaced by cypress panels not usable by the local saw mill. The tree base itself is driftwood riddled with sea worm pockets, its leaves fashioned from tumbled glass made to resemble beach glass.

Noah’s animals were assembled from many sources. For instance, the tiny white elephants come from an elephant rescue farm in Arkansas. The cow head donated from our broken butter dish.


Why is the lobster in a mouse trap,
while Minnie is in the bird house?
And why did Noah need a
tree house anyway?


Fishing Lures or Magazines, Your Choice
$ 550

73” high, 10" x 12" cabinet

Originally a storage unit on a cruiser used for fishing lures. You can still keep them there, but in your living room! Or, magazines. Or books. Or whatever.


Let’s Play Scrabble

81” high, 15" x 15" base

At a recent game night at our house, I went to get our scrabble set. Only when I couldn’t find it anywhere did I remember I had used it to create this project. Oops!

detail coming soon!


All My Jewels

23" x 17" at widest point; height is 75”

This tiny cabinet provides you with 6 felt-lined drawers perfect for your most precious jewels.


coming soon!


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