Many photos shown here are taken without the glass top in order to show detail.

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On Its Last Legs
27” diameter, 20” high

The legs and the top of this centerpiece table are from the nearby Caterpillar Tractor Repair Facility.

Machinist’s Delight
26” high, 36” x 17” top

This push-type lawn mower was dumped at the local landfill. I cut it in half and welded the two pieces together. Since there is no way you will be able to mow the lawn with this, you can sit in your living room and relax without guilt.

Spring Harrowing
24” diameter, 26” high

This table is made of harrow blades, a small one inverted atop a larger. A wagon wheel and car spring comprise the base. Finials (the screw-ons that hold a lamp shade tight) are arranged along the outside of the harrow for added interest.

Under the Hood
29” x 21” top, 16” high

Car parts reworked!

~ sold ~
24” diameter, 24” base
This Is A Really
GRATE Table!
Base is 23” diameter, tabletop 17” diameter, 17” high
At the Bistro
17” diameter base, 45” high

Wood & metal.
Drink your cappuccino  around this!

Can’t Mow No More
24” diameter, 24” high

Base is a lawn mower, with tools forming the tabletop.

Horse Watering Trough
(here, filled with sheep fleece)
16” x 24” base, 23” high
Maine Findings

26” base diameter, height 20”

These parts are from the dumps of Maine. The legs are caterpillar tracks.



My Husband’s Toolbox

26” across, 21” high




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