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Up and Away

19" X 15" base,
62" high

Colorful glass contrasts nicely with the stark steel base.




I’m the Queen

75” high, base 14x14

Parrot royalty has been welded from grass and rose clippers, wrenches, a wood plane, a bicycle wheel gear, hinges… Eyes on one of the Queen’s retinue are washers from the BIG DIG. The outdoor light pole was resurrected from the dump and placed on a base of caterpillar parts from a tractor repair facility in Walpole.



Birthday Cake Jewel Box (indoor only)

62” high, 7x7 base

Originally a gift box for narcissus bulbs, this jewelry box has been decorated with “jewels” and frosted with white glue. The plexiglass tube came from a fishing boat, part of an apparatus for holding fishing lures. The leaves and flowers twisted around the tubing are tumbled glass.




14” base, 74” high

Glass & metal. A boat prop and copper tubing decorated with a plasma cutter complement the bright tones of the lily.


7” high, base is 8x12

Made from 3 vises, gold-highlighted. How many vices do YOU have?


8” high, base 11x7

Fashioned from a chimney sweep’s brush and a log-rolling pick.

Purple Chime

41” high, 32x13 base

This vase lost its base and thus makes a perfect bell when hung upside down.



12” high 10x10 base

A spring has been added as a base for this piece, holding parts of a car jack in the air. It rocks!

Caterpillar and Person

Base 9x9, height is 67”

An oceanographic research institute no longer needed this tubular base; once it has spent some time underwater, structures are no longer trustworthy to hold the expensive instruments they house. The center steel cylinder came from a gas stove, and of course the caterpillar is made from scraps of yarn with copper tubing within to create its bends and turns.

Do you see the "person"?


Gold Rings

Height 16”, 17x14 base


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