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Wheely Mammoth
72” High

This piece uses many items found at the dump or donated by others. The base, for instance, is an elevator wheel. Other parts include wagon wheels, antique stove, and a lawnmower blade.

A friend recently pointed out that the fan, with its holey features (made with the plasma cutter) resembles fan coral.


Spring Sunrise
73” High X 24” Wide

Plow wheel, harrow blades, stove parts, and several crank shafts blend together to form this tall creation. The 3 legs are nuts and bolts from the Big Dig in Boston. Spring Sunrise becomes a clock with the addition of a simple mechanism (see Clock section).


Ring of Truth
72" High

"Ring of Truth" has been transformed into a grandfather clock.  See "Time's Flying" in the Clock section.


Snow's Blowing
82” High

This piece stand strong, using as its centerpiece a recycled snow blower blade, a vise, caterpillar tracks, an old electric heater, faucet, and rakes.

It becomes a stately clock in the clock section (see Time’s Spinning).


Grapes Pressed
67” High x 18” Wide

The base was identified after many hours of speculation, as an antique grape press. It easily becomes a grandfather clock with the addition of a clock mechanism (see the clock section).


Bicycle Recycle
76” High

When a precise cut is necessary for sea-going instruments, the Woods Hole (Massachusetts) Oceanographic Institute uses a water-based plasma cutter; what remains is the “negative” cut-out of steel. One of these negatives here provides a base heavy enough to allow the bicycle wheel above to rock and roll.
Can you find the other “ingredients” in this piece? The brass lighting accessories, couch spring, the electric conduits?


81” High

A tractor seat tops this elegant and colorful sculpture; a water pump stands as its centerpiece.


Cape Cod Destination
70” High

The brass propeller and the weather vane hint at the Cape Cod shores, while the blues of this piece provide the mood of the sea.


Woman, Standing Tall
75” High

Fireplace andirons become arms as a stove grate & gas stove provide the body of this woman, standing tall.

Save for your Next Parking Ticket
59" High X 14" Wide

This meter is fashioned into a bank, what better use for it?


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